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You are new in bloggin and you are writing blogs making links in your blog articles you should know about SEO Do Follow and No Follow links. On Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website owner or publisher should know the difference between these two links.

Do Follow Link:

Do Follow link is a HTML Attribute which is specially for search bots. This link will pass Page Rank to that link page. It is highly recomended  by Google , Bing and Yahoo. Do follow link bring Page Rank or you can say good healthy SEO Page Rank from that site.


a simple link with href link:

<a href=”” >Website Name</a>


No Follow Link:

This No Follow link attribute will not pass Page Rank. if you see Wikipedia website they are using No Follow Link  for all the articles.  If you have detail about your website on Wikipedia and the links coming to your site from Wikipedia, but it will not take the page rank for you from Wikipedia just because of no follow link.


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Website Name</a>


How to Check Do Follow and No Follow links:

Do you want to check website have Do Follow or No Follow links. Right click on that link  go to inspect, new window open in the bottom of the browser or Right click on page and select  ‘View Page Source’ new tab will open got the view source page and see all the links if rel=”nofollow”  attribute is there this is No Follow link or this attribute is missing form a tag this mean its a Do Follow link.


Conclusion :

No follow link will not get Page Rank this mean its not useful and Do Follow link is useful because its getting search bot to you with Page Rank. Both are good in different ways. But if you are getting page rank from that link this mean it is good link for your and Do Follow is more beneficial for your website. Now you want to know how to get follow link? answer is also simple. just create original and your best content than share or linked them naturally. Even Guest Blogging and Build Referral traffics to get SEO Boost.

SEO DoFollow & NoFollow links Explain
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